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Change does not usually occur quickly during the course of therapy, but it does happen. I work with clients to discern what goals/outcomes they want for the therapy. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are considering therapy for yourself. If you could be better served through other mental health services, I will be glad to assist you in accessing other community resources. All persons regardless of age, culture, socio-economic group, gender, race , sexual orientation or religion are welcome.

Are you interested in making some changes in your life? Could you benefit from having more peaceful relationships with your children, parents, partners, etc? Are you recovering from the death of a loved one or a divorce, or dealing with a chronic illness of a family member?


Change keeps happening in our lives and can be tough to handle. Therapy can help with all of these issues. It requires a commitment to participating in therapy regularly and a commitment to oneself to want to make one’s life happier and stronger.

Welcome to Prospective Clients
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