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We all want to have stronger, healthier lives but may not be sure how to accomplish this. Mental health therapy can be of assistance for many persons seeking improvement in their lives. I believe people can make positive changes in their lives with proper support and resources and if they are motivated to begin to consider making changes.

I work in a collaborative manner with my clients. Together we decide what issues need to be addressed and what goals the client wishes to target for treatment. The client is the expert on his/her life. My job is to help nurture and bring forth the inner strength and wisdom of the client. Working through issues in therapy requires courage and perseverance. The rewards for persevering in therapy can be significant and can significantly enhance one’s happiness and well-being in life.

I provide outpatient mental health treatment for clients who are dealing with a wide variety of issues, diagnoses, and life circumstances, with particular focus on anxiety, depression, ADHD, adjustment disorders, school problems, sibling relationships, grief and loss, low self-esteem, past trauma, adjustments after a divorce, transition to college, grandparents raising grandchildren, and other life challenges. I help step-parents and children to improve their relationships. I also have experience working with young people with autism spectrum disorder. One of my particular areas of clinical interest is empowering women to make positive changes in their lives.

I really enjoy helping clients make positive changes in their lives: parents and children improving communication and adults experiencing greater enjoyment and satisfaction within their families and work situations. It is very rewarding to see change and healing happening in the lives of my clients.

In my work with clients I use insight-oriented  therapy, family therapy, play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing skills. I have also had training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. I respect the confidentiality of my clients and work hard to ensure that all client information is kept confidential.

Mental health therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist. The client is seeking to improve his/her life or to promote improvement in the lives of his/her immediate family. Families and individuals encounter many difficult situations in life and may need assistance and support in dealing with those situations. Circumstances in which a person or family may need assistance include death of a family member, unemployment, chronic illness, discord between parents and children, single parent families, divorce, moving to a new area, attending a new school, etc. Mental health therapy can help people cope successfully with these difficult situations.


Mental Health: Purpose and Philosophy
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